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Important: The Salon Committee will respond to the submission of these files by email. The Entry Registration process is NOT complete unless an email validation response is received by you.

                                     Competition Registration Form for All Entries. Album files must be uploaded using the links provided.


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                                     Case Maximum: 4 entries (including max 1 album).
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NB: Incorrectly formatted entries will be disqualified from the Salon.
Return to Salon Image Preparation Guidelines
Album Entry Upload:
Limit: 1 Album per case. Please create a file folder of your album pages and compress it as a Zip file. Make a new page numbered 000 with a black background and only the title of your entry in large white plain text and include that in the zip file.

After zipping up all the spreads, use the link below to send the zip file to the PPSCF Salon Chair. You must still register your Entry Title above. AFTER registering and submitting your individual images,
Click here to Upload Album Entry Zip File to the PPSCF Salon Chair

Click 'Submit' only once.
Please allow time for image(s) to upload. A confirmation message will appear in a green box below the button. Images are not received unless a confirmation appears AND a 2nd email is received by you from the PPSCF Salon Chair (1st email will be the form autoresponder). Strict deadline for submission is 5pm the Saturday before the Salon - NO EXCEPTIONS.

NB: Errors and warnings will appear in a red or yellow box below the button. Take note of these errors for Ed's reference in troubleshooting. Scroll up to take note of which field is in error (a red box appears with further info). If you continue to have issues submitting the form, call Ed at 407-657-8426 for help and further instructions.
NB: If you continue to have trouble uploading the image files, submit the form with just the categories and titles for all your entries at one time until we can determine and resolve the image file uploading error. This is so we have all the info needed to create the judging database by the 5pm deadline.
You will still receive the confirmation, form autoresponder and 2nd email from the Salon Chair. If you do not receive all these items for your submission by the deadline, your entries will not be validated for Salon.
NB: If you do not get the autoresponder 'Thank you' email immediately, your entry has not been sent correctly. You must call Ed to confirm receipt.
NB: If you are using Safari on a Mac and have trouble uploading the image files, try using Firefox or Chrome.

     If this appears to be taking too long, try refreshing the page and re-entering the information.
   (Wait for upload - confirmation or errors appear below here)